Private Garden Terrarium


Product Description|產品簡介

“Private Garden” is a plant-only terrarium which enables full indulgence in the grace of the mother nature, though it is mini in size. The use of nerve plants with vein patterns of white and red adds subtle vitality to the garden and the plant's low spreading habit makes it ideal for terrariums.

Private Garden Terrarium Product Details|產品詳情

Private Garden Terrarium 包括:

  • 玻璃容器 (直徑: 15cm, 高度: 21cm)
  • 特調玻璃盆栽種植土
  • 乾身水苔
  • 荷蘭進口青苔
  • 基底石: 混色雨花石(10-20mm)
  • 裝飾面石 (中): 混色雨花石(10-20mm)


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 Product Details

Pr includes:

  • Glass Container (Diameter: 15cm, Height: 21cm)
  • Hand Craft Potting Mix
  • Dry Moss
  • Fresh Live Moss
  • Base Rock: Mixed Wu Hua Pebble (10-20mm)
  • Decorative Rocks (Medium): Mixed Polished Pebble (10-20mm)


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Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 15 × 16 × 26 cm


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