Kobito Dukan Terrarium


Kobito Dukan characters are perhaps the best example to illustrate the term “Kimokawaii”, meaning something first comes as grotesque but turns endearingly cute afterwards. They are magical little creatures dwelling in jungles. 

SONY DSCKobito Dukan Terrarium 包括:

  • 玻璃容器 (15cm*18cm)
  • 乾身水苔
  • 荷蘭進口青苔
  • 基底石: 混色雨花石(30-40mm)
  • 裝飾面石
  • 農場精靈擺件


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Product Details 

Kobito Dukan Terrarium includes:

  • Glass Container (14cm*21cm)
  • Dry Moss
  • Fresh Live Moss
  • Base Rock: Mixed Yu Hua Pebble (30-40mm)
  • Decorative Rocks: Deco Rocks
  • Kobito Dukan Figurines


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