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Terrarium (玻璃盆栽)是指在一個透明、密封的玻璃容器中種植不同小植物(多為蕨類和青苔)。一位18世紀名叫Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward的英國人意外地發明了玻璃盆栽(Terrarium)。因此,玻璃盆栽(Terrarium)也同時被稱為“Wardian Case”。破璃容器裡封閉的環境讓微生態系統得以在盆栽Terrairum裡建立。因為這樣,各種重要的自然過程,好像光合作用,呼吸作用和水分循環可以在容器內不斷循環,促成了玻璃盆栽(Terrarium)不需要細緻打理照顧的特質。Ward曾在一次展覽中展示了一盆18年沒澆水的玻璃盆栽(Terrarium),題示了它的活力和長壽。玻璃盆栽(Terrarium)的發明大大提升了植物在海上航行的成活率。同時,種植Terrarium亦成為19世紀英國家居的佈置潮流。

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在購買時,玻璃盆栽中的人形比例公仔是可以選擇其他款式的, 如需更換, 請聯絡我們先作查詢。


A terrarium is a collection of small plants, particularly ferns and mosses, growing in a small, transparent and sealed glass container. It was invented in 18th century England by an English physician called Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward (1791-1868). Terrariums are hence often referred as the “Wardian Case”. A terrarium provides plants with a closed environment where a micro ecosystem can be established. With only minimal maintenance, various important natural processes such as photosynthesis, respiration and water cycle can still manage to take place in the glass vessel. Ward once displayed a terrarium that had not been watered for 18 years at an exhibition, indicating the vitality and longevity of terrariums. The invention of terrariums improves the survival rate of plants on long sea voyages in 19th century England. Besides plant transportation in 19th century, terrariums have become a popular home accessory for both middle and lower classes Victorians.

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All ready-made and custom-made products come with a two-week guarantee. If the condition of terrarium deteriorates, we will collect it from you and offer free repair service.

All purchases can have a selection of our human figurines. If you wish to change the figurines on your selected items, please contact us in advance.

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