Blossom Terrarium


Product Description|產品簡介

Spring is like a child knows poems by instinct. Inspired by the beautiful season of rebirth, “Blossom” features two baby sheeps resting on green grass, enjoying themselves. To add a hint of the springtime, included are terrarium-friendly preserved moss, which are able to thrive with minimal care.

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Product Details|產品詳情

  • 玻璃容器 (直徑: 16m, 高度: 18cm)
  • 特調玻璃盆栽種植土
  • 乾身水苔
  • 荷蘭進口青苔
  • 基底石: 混色雨花石(10-20mm)
  • 裝飾面石 (中): 混色雨花石 (10-20mm)
  • 永生青苔
  • 動物擺件


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 Product Details

  • Glass Container (Diameter: 16cm, Height: 28cm)
  • Hand Craft Potting Mix
  • Dry Moss
  • Fresh Live Moss
  • Decorative Preserved Moss
  • Base Rock: Mixed Yu Hua Pebble (10-20mm)
  • Decorative Rock (Medium): Mixed Pebble (10-20mm)
  • Animal Figurines


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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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